Counselling Programes


The main aim of our ministry is to help the survivors of trauma and Post traumatic stress disorder. Trauma means a deeply distressing or disturbing experience which causes deep wound in the physic or psyche of a person. According to Peter Levine, “Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering. Although it is the source of tremendous distress and dysfunction, it is not an ailment or a disease, but the byproduct of an instinctively instigated, altered state of consciousness. We enter this altered state – let us call it “survival mode” – when we perceive that our lives are being threatened.  If we are overwhelmed by the threat and are unable to successfully defend ourselves, we can become stuck in survival mode.

The word “trauma” is used to describe experiences or situations that are emotionally painful and distressing, and that overwhelm people’s ability to cope, leaving them powerless. Trauma has sometimes been defined in reference to circumstances that are outside the realm of normal human experience. Unfortunately, this definition doesn’t always hold true. For some groups of people, trauma can occur frequently and become part of the common human experience.

This highly aroused state is designed solely to enable short-term defensive actions; but left untreated over time, it begins to form the symptoms of trauma. These symptoms can invade every aspect of our live. Moreover trauma is a basic rupture- loss of connection – to us, our families, and the world.

Contrary to the view of psychiatric medicine- that trauma is basically untreatable and only marginally controllable by drugs, – when treated thoroughly healing can lead not only to symptom reduction, but long-term  transformation.”     (Levine, 1999)

The consequences of trauma and the PTSD can be understood in this image

Category of people affected by post war traumatic period who are cared for by the CHH


No: Category Causes of Trauma



Intervention by the CHH
01. Children Increasing child abuse.


Children brought up by the old grandparents.


Children brought up by single parents.



Awareness programs along with the child protection authorities run by the government.


Full orphans are joined at the hostel or homes.



Supervision by the field workers of the progress and trauma related therapy.




02. Adolescents and School going students Increasing substance abuse, drug abuse, usage of alcohol even among girls.




Teenage pregnancy and sexual abuse of young women.



Violence among teen agers even during games and  matches between schools. (such events are taking place and even end up in murder)

Awareness programs done in the schools along with the help of the organizations related to the subject.


Awareness programs along with the women’s organizations like ‘women in need’.


Volunteers along with the Director visits the prison to meet such children and continue group counseling.

03 Adults / Parents Abuse at homes.



Extra marital relationship even when the children are very young.



Awareness programs and group therapies by the students.


Awareness programs through short films, discussions on the consequences. This is done mostly during the free mobile clinics and one to one counseling by the experienced counselors.

04. Single parents

/widows, women










No income

The increased number of women involved in prostitution. The red light areas are around where the security forces they have the camps.






Soon after the war, the women opted to go for demining which gave them good income. Now the project has come to almost a stand still.

The CHH has not yet gone deep into this area of intervention for various reasons. However a pilot program is being organized by the old students of the Diploma in counseling and the director to start a program to create a good rapport in this area and venture out what could be done.


05 The Elderly People


















In the villages, old grandparents have to take care of the grandchildren who have lost their parents in the war.

Loneliness, depression, dementia, etc are bothering them.
















It is a pathetic situation as the elders are not strong enough or educated enough to look after them.

‘Pleasant Collages’ Elders’ Home which was under the administration is now taken over by the CHH.  The health care workers have already undergone Diploma in counseling in the 2nd and 3ed batches. Two of the nurses are in the 4th batch.

The health care workers and nurses are given special training in counseling to be with those who suffer from terminal illness which cause them trauma.


The CHH during the mobile clinics identify the elders and inform the authorities or women’s groups to help them. This is being monitored by the midwives who help the CHH.

The trained field workers and the midwives take up this task mainly


06 The amputees. Children and older ones. The older ones are able to cope with being amputees by earring as labourers.





The children face trauma as they experience low self-esteem as they are unable to take part in the physical activities of the school.





The amputee children have to change their false limbs often as the bones grow fast.

However most of them are seen to be addicted to alcohol a symptom of trauma and PTSD








To transport the amputee children to change the false limbs the vehicle donated by Miva organization is of much help.


In case the children have to spend some days to get used to the false legs, the building ‘Bethel” at the CHH premises is open for them.

Diploma in Psychosocial Counselling – One year Course.

The field of Counselling is an important fields of study as it includes many aspects necessary to serve the community. The service offered to the individual who is undergoing a problem and needs professional help to overcome it. Counseling therefore is a more specialized service requiring training in personality development and handling exceptional groups of individuals.

This study involves counseling techniques, which means active listening, empathy, non-judgmental, understanding, etc. A study of counseling theories, skills, techniques along with the important components of psychology like development psychology etc are required to have effective counseling sessions.

The one year training in counseling is essential to continue to understand and practice trauma counseling which is the need of the hour.

The CHH is having the fourth batch of students who are following the Diploma in counseling. This started in March 2015 Nurses, teachers, childcare workers, social workers, and those who are in working in the areas of war etc are given the priority to do the counseling.

This is advertised in the news papers, interviews are held and candidates are selected. The curriculum used by the South Eastern University where the coordinator was teaching is followed.