Day Care Centres


Day Care Centres

The children of age 5 and below are taken care of at the Day Care Centres through out the Vanni region. The centres pave way not only to care for the children with food but also proper education. During free medical camps the children get medial assistance. The activities in the centres encourage the parents and the children to be lively.


Teachers of the centres have the preschool diploma in education,  certificates, and now are  undergoing certificate course in ‘child abuse and intervention’. This course is run by the run by the Director and resource people at the newly opened  Centres at the Kilinochchi Centre for Holistic Healing on every Saturday as a full time course. Teachers of the day care centres of Viswamadhu and Shalom nagar took part in the certificate course.

Day Care Centre Term Events in the centre Remarks










day care centre and Shalom Nagar day care centre.




Term 01

January to April 2017

Welcoming the new children to the centre











Handicraft exhibition



Sports meet.

This function is for the new children to the centre. They were garlanded, taken to the centre along with the parents where they had good entertainment and games which help them to get acquainted with the centre and the teachers.

The teachers get a chance to know the parents and the background of each child.

Handicraft exhibition in the month of April


Sports meet for the children. The games and races help to encourage identifying colours, numbers etc were introduced

Term 02

May to August




Term 03




September to December

Parents day

Free medical check up






Learning the numbers, to read and write

“Olivila” Festival of Lights



The parents’ day help the parents and staff to get to know the children and their intersts





The children who will go to school learn the fundamentals  at the Day care centres.

The Christmas function festival of lights was celebrated. It was colouful event with nativity play. Children are given Christmas gifts.

Dawning of  Shalom Nagar

The word shalom which is quite familiar has the root meaning in Hebrew language is “shalam”. It is indeed known as “Peace”. In modern world this word is used to define as ‘The absence of war or conflict. “Shalom” also means, “to be safe in mind, body, or estate.” It also speaks as completeness, fullness, or a type of wholeness that encourages you to give back — to generously re-pay something in some way.

The dawning of new life in Shalom-nager, Murippu, Kilinochchi , which carried and still carries the wounds of the war is slowly coming up into being. The one hundred acre of farmland which is about five  Kilometers from Kilinochchi still has the pride of having the name Shalom Nagar, or CSI Farm by the people of that area. In the nineteen eighties, when the then Bishop late Bishop Ambalavanar dared to move to Vanni, this farm was started. Mr &Mrs Nathan Knoll were missionaries in the forest and Jungle area ,to develop this farm. With large area of vineyard, vegetable garden, dairy, poultry etc, not only brought income but also job opportunity the villagers.

The scars of war began from killing of the night watcher in 1986 lasted up to the last bloody war. Shalom Nagar was the battle field of the war, still has the remnants of human bones and land mines sewn in the unclear area. Now, little by little shalom Nager is trying to get life as the remaining villagers are getting back to their land and start life once again.. The  Day Care Centre was started in early eighties.  The two young teachers then, Varatha and Jaya are still working in the same Day Care Centre. This centre is one of the centres which has around 100 children.. The children are provided with food education etc, by the trained teachers. The children are cared for by six teachers one helper and two cooks. How bad was the war? The following incident in the form of poetry and the photos will reveal it.

Background of the children:

The Human Toy!

The heat of the summer sun from above

The polluted ground with dry bones and bullets beneath

The damaged upstairs building,

once the office, now a heap of rubble

Shalom nagar was left with parched ground and dusty soil


“At this time of the day, what are the kids playing

While I, with the teachers am chatting”

Up the curiosity of mine was   rising

To know the reason of theirs, so exciting!


When implored to bring that ‘round- less ball’

They screamed with joy and to me kicked the ‘ball’

As if with great agony, towards me it rolled

To my incredulity, alas t’was a human skull!

Took I the skull with hands trembling

Battled I with my traumatic emotions and feelings

 ‘How many you want amma’ ‘they were ready for hunting

‘Nothing’ I stammered in the state of freezing’!


What am I to do with the skull of a young girl

 And hundreds of them out there in the field

With confusion and speechless my soul uttered a prayer

And buried it ‘To rest in peace’ in the mission grave yard!

A poem written by Thaya Thiagarajah

The war and they cycle of displacement had ruined the whole ethos of life in Vanni area. Now, in the cleared area of Shalom Nagar, people have started to move in. The Jaffna Diocese has given 20 acres of land to the people half an acre each to those whose houses have bombed off. The Jaffna Diocese through the Centre for Holisitc Healing strives to bring ‘fullness of life to the battered’ land.