‘Lazy and sleepy I woke up late in the morning

The previous night’s trauma of serpents creeping

The moles, and the creatures, ‘great and small’

Disturbing my sleep, within my house

Induced my brain to think and wonder

Of these uncommon events I deeply ponder

At the well as I enjoyed my cool bath of spring water

Soothing my hot anxious head and body,

I heard a sound of gush of waters

The screams of my people lived close to the sea

‘The sea is in rage, at the height of a hill,’

Run for your lives, lest you may get killed’

The ‘calm blue sea, as high as a hill’

‘Unbelievable, never happened in ages

Was it the verdict of a person insane?

Or of someone’s blabber who is in trance?

No time to tune my mind to reason out

‘Cause of the panic and commotion all around!

 ‘Go! Wake up your sibling right now

Lest she with our habitat could be washed out’

Was the command of my widow mom!

My teenage body stiff and frozen

Wrapped up only with a towel linen

Stood still, like an iron icon!

A shudder, tremor, and feeling of being soared

A sense of going nowhere, but somewhere

I saw my pathetic shivering body half naked

My sister and mother getting into a wagon

A pandemonium of screaming and screeching

The waters like a hill up heaving

The experience was like a ‘roller skater’ indeed

Twisted, twirled, up and down, pushed and pulled

Beaten up, drowned, and stripped me stark naked

Helplessly I yielded to its barbarous work

Lungs and belly filled with strange water

All ended up as I caught a tree and on to it I clung!

My nude body camouflaged with the dark tree

The black oily water subsided and retrieved

With a cough the stinking water within my belly

Thrown up as a vomit through my mouth and nostrils

The worst embarrassment of all was the oozing

Between my thighs, the menstrual blood dripping!

For hours to the palmyrah tree was I glued

Detached from self and from the world

Until a strong young man’s hands held

My sticky, dirty, body that was soiled

Should I protest, for I was just naked?

I wish I did, but I was just frozen!

He covered my bare breasts with his torn shirt

His wet ‘sarong’ for my exposed lower half

And he carried me down and to a safer place

Now the scene is just the opposite one

A woman in the dress of a young man

Saved by a naked young male angel!