The Savior’s Help at the Brink of Death


 As the dark veil shrouded the sky

 And the deep blue sea turned into gray

Into the rocking boat that had no compass         

 Settled I with my child and with my husband

 Nestled within my hands and my laps cupped

 Then the one began to sing, was my precious child

       “Row, row,  row your boat

gently down the stream

        merrily, merrily merrily,  merrily

       Life is but a dream”



With his ebony bare body at the prow

With only a paddle and a torch light

With anxious brows that were like rainbow

With his traumatic experiences of the past

With none to accompany but his strong heart

The dauntless guide stood upright!


“Row,  row,  row our boat

gently on the sea

verily verily verily verily

it’ll be like a dream”

‘If we are lucky darting the bullets of the navy

If the boat survives the uncongenial weather

If you remain calm without panicking, or moving

If you cooperate not hurrying to answer

the nature’s call, the thirst or the hunger

In three hours time’ he said ‘we’d cross over’


“Row, row,  row our boat

we would remain calm

surely, surely surely, surely

Life is not a game”


In half an hour the sea began to wail

Blinding lightening, deafening thunder

From east to west and above our head

The tossing boat half filled with sail

The tall dark sheets of rainy curtains

All of these gave me a shudder!

“Float, float, float my boat

Lest we all may sink

Empty, empty, empty the boat

Life is at a risk”.


A pandemonium in the crowded fishing boat

Off and on some screamed and screeched

Drowned the goods of others to lessen the load

Many lamented, cursed and some prayed

But my wet frozen body engulfed my treasure daughter!

Amidst all those, stood straight the navigator!

“Show, show, show the route

in this ceaseless storm

safely,  safely,  safely, safely

                                the shore we should reach calm!

The wind veered and the mariner steered

With the broken rudder of the half drowned stern

Down came the sail and got caught in the whirl

Causing the vessel, a frightening twirl

Buffeting the storm for long hours of six

Ended the voyage with people languished!


“Stop, stop, stop the boat

to reach the shore we need

       Careful, carefull,   careful!

       the waves are high indeed”

My treasure to the velour, I handed over

To hurdle the corals by stepping over

Alas slipped I, into the angry billows

Which were above me, for only four meters

As my feet touched the spiny bottom

I lost hope and to the sea weeds embraced

“Up, up I must be

to see my child I should

Verily, verily, verily indeed

I really want  to live!”


‘Gulp the salty water to save your airy lungs

Try not to yield’ was the advice of my mind

A jerk, a wrench and in my hair, and strong pull

Made me cling on to the neck of the ‘superman’ still!

Out came I, to see the world and my child

With the help, of that storm-beaten heavenly marine!


“Row, row, row our boat

gently through the storm

truly, truly, truly verily

It is our savious command

(One of my traumatic experiences in 1997– Thaya)