Vocational Training Centres


“I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good for another”

The young women, widows and those who like to learn new skills get benefited in the Vocational Training Centres. Sewing, cookery, handicraft and beauty culture are being taught at the centres.

The Bethel house is the main house where a vocational training centre functions and other activities like the activities of the   Butterfly group take place.  The ‘Butterfly group’ is a group of the old girls who join hands to make good production of the recycle things and make profitable things.

 Butterfly group activities include the collecting recyclable materials, creating handicrafts, sale of materials including dresses, sweets and handicrafts. The sale of materials was done on 3 occasions. The collected materials are sorted out, mostly the papers, books, discarded materials, clothes cut pieces, any attractive material that could be used for any purpose.  Girls of the butterfly group gather in Bethel three days a week, Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

Cookery Classes

Every Wednesday the cookery classes are being held in Bethel. Ms Jeyarani Antony, along with other resource  persons help the girls learn.
The teachers take turn and be present at Bethel. The usual classes in the VTCs function in their own places.  Different types of sweets, cookies, cakes are being taught.  The advertisement on the news paper helps the girls to know what is going to be taught

  • The type of short eats which were introduced to the girls include, sweets both Eastern and Western – different kinds of cakes including Christmas cakes  and wedding cake are being taught here.
  • Cutlets rolls – vegetable rolls, fish rolls, meat rolls
  • Patties- stuffs of many varieties
  • Mixture of many flavor
  • The VTC takes catering orders and the income is divided among them. 

    VTC – Home Gardening

    The vegetables and banana are grown in the  garden at the CHH centre in Inuvil brings income. It is being used by the Elders’ Home and inmates of the Bethel Centre and the prize or income helps to run Bethel Centre.

    The clients living in the ‘Bethel” house are encouraged to do home gardening in the premises of Bethel. They raise beans, onion,  brinjal  and lady’s finger used by the mates and sold to the ‘Elders’ home in the premises of Bethel. VTC. Poultry

    The girls are taught raring chicken as one of the income creating project. The big pen of the chicken is repaired and being now being used to raise chicken in the VTC in Bethel.

    Gardening and raising chicken are done to encourage the inmates of vtc Bethel and the clients sent by the hospital.