Free Medical Clinics 17th June 2017


The Centre for Holistic Healing (CHH) of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India (JDCSI) has been, besides many other social service projects and psychosocial programmes, conducting Free Medical Clinics with the help of qualified medical personnel in the areas where medical interventions are scarce. Our website  has been from time to time let the public know about the clinics. The target groups are the villages which are badly affected by the war and yet to be rebuilt the interior villages where there are no medical cares or transportation to the hospitals, and where the amputees need care.

Pooneryn (Poonakari) is a strategically important village in the northern province of Sri Lanka situated just below the Jaffna Peninsula. It is also a historical place.  A fort was built in the Pooneryn area of northern portion of the island, at first by the Portuguese to protect its possessions in Jaffna. It was later taken and expanded by the Dutch, and in 1770 it was recorded that it was square shaped with two bastions at opposite corners; the rampart on each of the sides was about 30 metres, it was garrisoned until the late 18th century. The British built a rest house in 1805. Since 1983 Due to the civil war it was garrisoned by the Sri Lankan Army from 1983 until the Sri Lankan military withdrew from the Pooneryn area in 1991. The fort was recaptured in 2009. Ruins of the fort remain, though in bad condition.

THELLIKARAI CHEMMANN KUNRU  a village was chosen for the camp. Undergoing such a long period of war, scarcity of food, drinking water, the village survived with250 families. Public transportation was very poor.

As usual the medical group had to get the permission from the Government agent/hospital health care leadership to conduct the camp.

The coordinator Mr. Vaiharthanan the pharmacist, and Ms. Tharmini his assistant along with the social workers noted down the important health care the people needed and discussed with our doctor Jacobson. Medication was purchased in the whole sale prize. Three doctors five qualified nurses and other psychosocial workers from Jaffna and Vanni joined the camp.

The Pooneryn hospital which is 15 km away has a doctor doing his intern and a couple of staff. They too joined us in helping the people. There are several villages in this area where people do not know about the outer world. Around 120 patients showed up on that day. It was surprising to know that around 8 to 10 patients were above the age of 93. The midwives gave advice and awareness of the early marriage and its consequences. Pathma is 17 years old, married and has a child. Awareness about getting nutritious food from the nature was given by the psychosocial workers. The CHH would continue to serve these villages. We sincerely thank the doctors, nurses and other workers who spent their time serving the people in spite of the very hot weather, strong wind.

Our Prime purpose of human life is to serve

And to show compassion

And will to help others.

Thaya Thiagarajah


Centre for Holistic Healing